About Pegasus Aerial Imaging

Pegasus Aerial Imaging has been established to provide cost effective aerial filming and aerial photography services by utilising state-of-the-art remote controlled multi-rotor technology and professional grade cameras. We are insured and our permission for aerial work, granted by the CAA (both details can be supplied upon request), means that we can fly from 1 to 400 ft to capture truly stunning imagery, safely and professionally.

Whether it be aerial filming for the movie industry, TV productions, commercials, corporate videos, golf course flyovers, action sports or aerial photography of events, commercial or residential property for marketing purposes, we aim to be the best and deliver to our clients “A Different Point Of View” with results that will blow them away!
For shots that a full size helicopter just can’t get down to or shots that are beyond the reach of a crane, jib or mast, our aerial platform is the natural solution.

Each assignment will be unique . . . so are we!!




Founder / Owner

After 27 years of working in the City of London the daily commute lost it’s appeal and a new career beckoned. With a love for gadgets and movies a new vision was born in the form of Pegasus Aerial Imaging. I’m not sure that I’ve managed to get away from the early starts but I can tell you it’s a lot more fun, especially when you get that shot! Some may call it a sort of mid life thing but it’s so much more fun than a motorbike or a sports car will ever be.


Operations Manager

After working for 15 years in the health insurance industry and giving that up to become a full time mother of three (as if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with) Claire became manager of operations when Pegasus Aerial Imaging was formed. Taking charge of day to day business, from client liason to general administration, Claire is the rock that gives us stability and if you’re lucky you may get to meet her on a project of ours one day.


Observer / Technical / Security

A gentle grizzly bear, Antony is another one of the crew that loves all things RC. For most of his career he has been a fully qualified electrician, and a gifted one at that, but he loves 3D remote controlled helicopter flying which in turn has given him lots of experience in putting them together 😉 He also has a wonderful discipline called patience which serves him well when he’s hunting out new technology for us that can literally take hooouuuurrrrsssssss.


Camera Operator / Observer

After graduating from university with a batchelor’s degree in communication and media studies Darren has morphed into a successful globetrotting freelance photographer. He is also a closet geek so when asked, he jumped at the chance of working the camera in our set up. His flair with the camera is naturally evident in the truly stunning stills that we capture from the air as well as framing of the subject in moving pictures. A thoroughly nice bloke and a joy to work with. A good hugger too.


Camera Operator / Observer

Don’t let the picture fool you, he might look as mad as a hatter but he has creative blood coursing through his veins. He too is a photographer by trade but more than just the usual run of the mill. He is also a designer which gives him an imagination that dispenses with the same old same old and allows us to produce images that you would never have thought of or even imagined could be possible. Striving to come up with a new dimension we love his energy for new ideas. He’s not bad on a guitar either. Oh, and he can sing a bit.


Camera Operator / Observer

Steve has over the years added many strings to his bow but since 2002 he has been a freelance broadcast sound recordist enjoying a variety of TV assignments along the way. That on set experience, as well as being a keen amateur videographer, allows him to anticipate the kind of shot the director wants as well as creating shots that can add the icing on the cake to any production.
This type of insight can save valuable time allowing for extra opportunity to produce more stunning material. And if you ever have the pleasure to see him play the bass guitar you’ll see why we affectionately call him the funky chicken 🙂


Camera Operator / Observer

He’s done more travelling than I’ve had hot dinners and during that misspent youth of his he’s gained experience in writing, acting, shooting, producing and directing across a very wide spectrum that includes indie films, low budget action movies, music videos and documentaries, to name but a few. He’s well rounded and an extremely useful addition to the team with a great visual eye gleaned from many hours watching BBC nature documentaries making him a perfectionist who really cares about the shot that we’re trying to nail! His David Attenborough impression leaves much to be desired though.


Camera Operator / Observer

After being paid for his first pictures aged 10, one would assume photography would have been a natural career path, but alas, a corporate life and two decades in the City trading commodity futures became the norm. Fortunately, a twist of fate enabled a return to the world of imaging and after 15 years as a jobbing pro freelancer, specialising in commercial photography, he has now joined the Pegasus team.

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