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Aerial filming for Black Sabbath in Hyde Park, London

Black Sabbath Time Hyde Park Announcement from Pegasus Aerial Imaging on Vimeo.

I think this is a first, aerial filming with a drone (UAV) in Hyde Park, London. On the Tuesday we were asked to do some aerial filming of an event the coming Saturday in Hyde Park, London. Not many details were forthcoming, secrecy was paramount, all we knew was that it was the burning of a logo just after sunset. Random. So we got our special permission, as we were going to be flying in a restricted area, at very short notice with many thanks to the CAA, and waited for Saturday to come. Then on the Friday we found out it was for Black Sabbath and we only had one take to get the footage we needed! I don’t mind saying I was a little nervous, the thought of screwing up and Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness biting my head off filled me with dread. That and the fact it was after sunset and we only had one take! I needn’t have worried. We made it there in time, after dashing across town from another event we covered earlier (details to follow after it has aired on Sky Sports), got some great footage of the park and then captured the stunt after sunset. We handed the files to the client, who sent them to LA to edit overnight and they had a teaser trailer ready for a 10 am press release the next morning.

Take a look at the teaser trailer and you’ll see why we had a great time, I think Ozzy was pleased. It’s not every day you get to fly a UAV in Hyde Park, London to do some aerial filming for rock legends! We’d love to help you add the wow factor to your next upcoming project with our aerial filming expertise so give us a call us on 07926 976833 to have a chat.

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