Aerial Filming

Aerial filming of National Trust’s Sheffield Park and Gardens

Sheffield Park and Gardens from Pegasus Aerial Imaging on Vimeo.

Summer was coming to an end but before it got too cold we decided to go and do some aerial filming of National Trust’s Sheffield Park and Gardens. After speaking to the team there and having a meeting with the head gardener to allay their fears, they agreed to grant us access before the public were allowed in to the Gardens. We would have to make sure we would be up early to beat the crowds and get the great, unimpeded footage we wanted.

We didn’t just jump in at the first opportunity we could get, but took our time and eventually agreed on a day when we thought the conditions were going to be good and that meant low winds and sunshine. We hit the jackpot! We got there just after dawn and the conditions couldn’t have been better for aerial filming. We managed to get some beautiful footage which we’ve put together in a short video for your enjoyment. Tranquility best describes the morning, it was fantastic. We hope to go back some day and do some aerial photography, hopefully on a similar day if we are lucky, and capture some stunning images from unique positions but until then I don’t think I’ll tire of looking at this beauty from time to time.

I don’t think it’s been done before at Sheffield Park so we’re proud to be the first to give you “A Different Point of View” of the Gardens with our aerial filming. If you would like to get some unique and amazing footage of any project you may be involved in you can email us via the contact page or alternatively call us today on 07926 976833 to discuss your next exciting project. We can’t guarantee the sunshine but we’ll guarantee great footage.

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