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Aerial filming of a Virgin balloon flight

Virgin Balloon Flight from Pegasus Aerial Imaging on Vimeo.

A beautiful summer’s evening and Pegasus Aerial Imaging were present to do some aerial filming of a Virgin hot air balloon about to take to the skies. There were 16 clients at the launch site brimming with excitement, showing a lot of interest and taking many pictures which we found odd because we thought they would have shown more interest in the balloon flight they were about to take instead of us but I suppose it’s not every day you get to see a state-of-the-art SkyJib-8 in action 🙂 Again we had to work to a tight schedule as the balloon wasn’t hanging around for anyone, especially us, so we had to get the SkyJib up in the air as quickly as possible and do as much aerial filming as we could in a very short time to try and convey the balloon’s take off procedure from set up to spectacular launch as well as we possibly could. Check out the video above and I think you’ll see we captured what we set out to achieve and show the famous balloon up close and personal as it floated away into the summer sky. If you would like to take a flight on one of these amazing balloons you can find details by clicking on this link

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