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Aerial filming with a RED Epic on our octocopter coming soon

Aerial filming with a RED Epic on our octocopter coming soon

As a leading provider of aerial filming using drones we strive to keep pace with new innovations that will keep us at the cutting edge of the technology we employ.

Our latest bit of kit arrived this morning and got us a little bit excited, it’s a brushless gimbal that has motors  powerful enough to carry a RED Epic camera. It means that in the not too distant future we will be able to carry a RED on our octocopter for high end aerial filming on movies, TV dramas, commercials and music videos  (to name but a few of the endless possibilities) whenever a DOP (Director of Photography) requires the ‘next level’.

You can see from the picture that it’s currently configured for handheld mode which means it can also be used as a steadicam platform which makes tracking shots, either on foot or in moving vehicles, silky smooth.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be testing it in the air and on the ground so we can be confident we are offering our customers the ultimate quality in aerial filming and ground based filming that they come to expect from us. We’ll keep you posted!


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