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Aerial filming with our drone for Birds Eye Peas – With love from Birds Eye

Three months ago we took a trip up North to the 2017 City of Culture, Hull. We’ve been to many places on our travels for aerial filming, from Almeria in southern Spain to Normandy in France, from Cornwall in the south west of England to Northumberland in the north east, but we’d never been to Hull. I think I was looking forward to going across the Humber Bridge the most if I’m honest 🙂 We’d been asked by a client we had worked with before to provide aerial filming with one our drones for a Birds Eye Peas advert being produced for a new campaign. Always nice to be asked back, means we must be doing something right!

Call time was late afternoon for a shoot at sunset. Whilst we were there we were asked to make good use of our time by getting a few general views and some skimming across the top of pea plants whilst we were waiting for the main crew to arrive. Whilst on location the farmer rocked up and said hello. Whilst he was telling us about his 12,000 acres (as far as the eye could see!!!) he also mentioned he was a drone enthusiast and whipped out his P4 for a quick spin. And quick it was. Compared to the s900 it seemed like a Usain Bolt, I must get one to play with one day for fun.

The crew then arrived and it was time to get prepared. Preparation turned into nightmare. After getting some test footage and landing, a tech wanted to set up a monitor for the director which meant taking off one of my monitors to use one of his so he could get a video out. Whilst changing the monitor over he accidentally flipped the landing gear switch which raised the legs and the drone collapsed on the gimbal and broke some aerial fixings. Luckily the gimbal stilled worked, we didn’t break any props and I had a spare antenna set. The stress of replacing parts in fading light was not fun, not fun at all! Two lessons learnt. Don’t let people mess with your kit and turn the radio off after landing.

After all the excitement, and in fading light, we got the shot we were tasked to do, the beautiful sunset was a bonus. I thought some of the footage we had gotten over the afternoon would have been used as well, and one other shot was, but as always, it’s better to have lots and lots of footage to choose from to piece a short ad together. We had two shots used in this ad (can you find them?) and I hope some of the other footage is used in other ads if they’ve made them.

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