Aerial Photography

Aerial photography for the National Grid

Pegasus Aerial Imaging took a trip to Lancashire, just on the edge of the beautiful Lake District, to do some aerial photography of workmen labouring on electricity pylons for the National Grid. It doesn’t sound glamorous but you can believe me when I say it was great fun. Photographs from the ground wouldn’t have been able to convey, in the way that aerial photography can, the manner in which the company replaces cabling (this particular section has been up for over forty years) to potential future customers so they chose Pegasus Aerial Imaging to deliver the high quality aerial photography they required. They wanted a company they could trust, was more cost effective than a full size helicopter, was tested and could work safely so as to not to cause a blackout in north west England! Here is a selection of the stunning photos we obtained that show you we delivered “A Different Point Of View”.

For all companies or individuals looking to inspect any structure from the air, from a castle roof to a wind turbine to an electricity pylon, Pegasus Aerial Imaging can get the results you want cost effectively and most importantly, safely.

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