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How Aerial Filming Can Be Used – Aerial Cinematography

Mercedes-Benz World from Pegasus Aerial Imaging on Vimeo.

Aerial Filming is used a lot these days, whether it be for TV productions, commercials, corporate videos, golf course fly-throughs or action sports, to name a few, it is becoming increasingly popular in everyday requirements for both Production Industries and Commercial Industries.

The video above for example was shot at Mercedes-Benz World and is promoting the cars and showroom from a new angle, the skies. Using our SKYJIB-8 with retractable landing gear, we can not only get up close and personal in those places hard to reach with full size helicopters, but get amazing aerial views that cannot be reached using standard cranes, jibs or masts.

Pegasus Aerial Imaging takes you to new heights and offers all our clients “a different point of view”. If you have an exciting project where you feel aerial filming would be an amazing addition to your production, then contact us today to discuss your thoughts on 07926 976 833 or simply fill in our enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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