Our new Amimon Connex HD downlink for our drones

Our new Amimon Connex HD downlink for our drones

It’s been a while since we did an update so a mental note has been made to do it more often! 🙂

That said, this morning we’ve had a new bit of kit turn up at Pegasus Aerial Imaging headquarters which we’re excited about. Until now for our aerial filming and aerial photography we’ve not had a video downlink from our drones up in the sky to the camera operator on the ground that we were completely happy with, our SD downlink is OK but it has its drawbacks. The signal keeps dropping out giving us the dreaded blue screen (which can be extremely frustrating when tracking an object) and the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired making a good exposure and focusing of the image a bit more difficult than it should be.  So we searched high and low for a solution our drones would be happy with. We found several but each had it’s own barrier. The best had a £5000 barrier. It has great range at 2000m (a bit more than we need) and zero latency which is ideal but the cost was prohibitive. Another alternative from the same company seemed like the answer with a £2000 price tag but the range was limited to 100m which is a bit on the short side for our needs. Then we thought all was OK in the world when we found an HD downlink for £1000. It’s never that simple, is it? No, setup was a pain and the death knell was the latency which seemed to be 250ms at best. We never took it out of the box.

Come a new year and in the ever evolving world of technology and aerial filming solutions a company familiar to some, Amimon, came up with what looks like the desired solution, the Connex! When we heard about it we starting chomping at the bit and couldn’t wait for it to land. It promises zero latency with a range of 1km, multicast (good for the director or client to have a screen of their own with a view from the drones to see what’s going on) and 128 bit encryption. All with a price tag of £1300. Not cheap but compared to £5000 it looks good value and Amimon have a track record in this field so we’re confident we’ve found what we need to take our aerial filming and aerial photography to another level. We’ll be testing extensively before deploying in the field but initial indications are good. We’ll keep you posted.

We can get to places that a full size helicopter can’t and at a fraction of the cost. We’d love to help you add value to your next production with our aerial filming expertise or frame a great shot with our aerial photography so give us a call us on 07926 976833 to have a chat. We look forward to your call. :-)


Now where did I put that FIZ?……..



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