USA road trip, day 3, on the road

USA road trip, day 3, on the road

No time for breakfast this morning, we’re up and at ’em. We had to be over in New Jersey by 9am to pick up the car so an 8am start had been scheduled. Via the Lincoln Tunnel, and taking in a clip from the opening titles of The Sopranos, we headed to Newark airport. Picked up the car, reset the mileometer to zero, and proceeded on our merry way. It wasn’t long before we passed another sight from The Sopranos, the storage tanks with DRIVE SAFELY in big, bold, black letters painted on them, and carried on down the interstate for our first proper stop of the day in Philadelphia. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and around lunchtime we made it to The Rocky Steps, yes, the ones used in the 1976 film. Iconic. I couldn’t resist having a go after Greg made light work of them with his long pins and here’s the clip of my effort…

After the exertion we headed to Reading Terminal Market for a quick drink in one of the many bars then moved on for a bite to eat somewhere different within the market. Again, the fellas fancied oysters from the aptly named Oyster Bar, whilst I had a wander to capture a few more pics instead. Needless to say, I didn’t have time for a snack, especially a slime snack, with so much to see. Once we’d all finished we headed down to Independence Hall where we also managed to see the Liberty Bell, albeit through the glass as we didn’t have time to queue. Next we headed for Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest street in America, apparently, then back to Reading Terminal to pick up the car to head on down to Washington D.C. It should have been easy to find the car but nobody had noted exactly where we had left it in the car park. So a bit of a treasure hunt was had whilst debating with Phil the merits of going back to the market to have our ticket stamped for a $2 discount on the parking charge. Suffice to say, we paid full price. One regret was not having a Philly Cheese Steak from the famous Pat’s King of Steaks, another good excuse to return again and try the cheez whiz . We hit the outskirts of the capital around sunset and after checking in at our hotel and a quick livener in the bar, we headed out into the night to take in some of the sights in all of their illuminated glory. First stop was the White House. From the north and then wandering round to the south of the building it felt surreal to be there after watching so many episodes of one of my favourite TV shows, The West Wing. Not sure Obama was at home but I wasn’t going to knock to find out, so much security, and very, very tetchy at that. I suppose you can understand why. Got some nice pics and we then headed to the Washington Monument followed by the Lincoln Memorial, taking a cab between the two, it’s further than you think. Again, surreal, I was awe struck. From there I got one of my favourite shots from the whole trip. Whilst I was playing important photographer and asking people not to get in the way of my shot, Greg and Phil headed to the restaurant in Georgetown we had chosen for the evening, debated at some length I might add, Clyde’s on Main Street. When I finally arrived the boys were fully at home having a chinwag with the barman, I don’t think the wait for me mattered one bit. Dinner was superb and the atmosphere for a Sunday night was great. I think I can speak for us all when I say that that was perhaps one of the best meals of the trip. Home to bed as another busy day beckoned. D.C. was amazing. Not enough time to see all I wanted to see. there’s more than you think, but we can always go back again some day (a recurring theme). That, we will.

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